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Ranking All 32 NFL Starting Quarterbacks from Worst to Best

What’s happening guys!

First off, my apologies for the lack of blog posts this summer – it’s been a challenging one!

But the NFL is back, and so am I.

This season, I’ll be writing weekly blog posts, on whatever stands out to me, as well as many podcasts as possible.

In my first NFL-related article since the draft, I will attempt to rank each starting quarterback from 32-1, and will even go out on a limb predicting each quarterback’s touchdown to interception ratio!

I look forward to January, when I inevitably get some of these *hot takes* wrong, and held against me.

My apologies – this is going to be a long one!


32) Nathan Peterman – Buffalo Bills


2017 Stats: 24-for-49 (49%), 252 passing yards, two touchdowns, six interceptions

The less said about Nathan Peterman’s rookie year, the better, really. In his only game as a starter, Peterman threw five interceptions against the New Orleans Saints – an NFL record. After the Bills traded AJ McCarron to the Oakland Raiders, it was thought that exciting rookie Josh Allen would be named starter. However, Peterman impressed during pre-season and has been given the nod. Let’s see how long he lasts…

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 11-13

31) Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens


2017 Stats: 352-for-549 (64.1%), 3,141 passing yards, 18 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

If you are surprised to see Joe Flacco rank so badly on this list, I advise you to watch tape of the Ravens offence since 2015. His arm strength isn’t what it once was, and he also struggled with his accuracy down the field in this time. Whilst he did manage to play in all 16 games in 2016 and 2017, he has a $24.75 million cap hit in 2018 and is clearly not playing to his worth. It may not be long before the Raven’s nest turn on Flacco and ask to see college phenom Lamar Jackson.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 11-9

30) Eli Manning – New York Giants


2017 Stats: 352-for-571 (61.6%), 3,468 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

Although they have an exciting offence this season, I still don’t feel good about Eli Manning. Last year was a rough one for the two-time champion. His decision-making in the pocket was questionable, to put it politely, and his inability to evade pass-rushers, especially playing behind a poor offensive line, leaves him 30th on this list. Whilst Saquon Barkley looks likely to be a home-run pick by the Giants, we’ll see if they will regret passing on Sam Darnold.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 20-15

29) Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars


2017 Stats: 267-for-397 (67.3%), 2,926 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

Before I start, I’ll openly admit that I think Blake Bortles is terrible. The Jaguars GM should fire himself for not trading a third-round pick for Teddy Bridgewater. In my opinion, the Jags are a competent quarterback away from making the Super Bowl this year. Their defence is legit, they have absolutely no weaknesses on that side of the ball, well, maybe at safety. The Jags offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, practically game-plans to make it easy for Bortles. Basically Blake, just don’t f up, and we’ll be okay. The opposition defence will expect the Jags to be a run heavy offence, and to Bortles’ credit, he has shown that he is capable of capitalising on this on play-action.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 20-19

28) Mitch Trubisky – Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubsiky

2017 Stats: 196-for-330 (59.4%), 2,193 passing yards, seven touchdowns, seven interceptions

This is now Mitch Trubisky’s team and we’ll see what he can do this season. He led a pretty poor Chicago team to a 4-8 record in the 12 games he started in Year 1 as a starter. Chicago’s ground-and-pound offence offense has many wondering if Trubisky will ever develop into an above-average passer at the NFL level. Hopefully, new coach Matt Nagy will have a similar effect that Sean Mcvay had on Jared Goff. Trubisky needs to prove he can win from the pocket, and improve on his 59% completion rate.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 18-15

27) Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens

2017 Stats: DNP

Although Dolphins fans will be happy not see Jay Cutler’s name is not here, Tannehill might not be much of an improvement, coming off an ACL injury which kept him out for all of last season. There were some serious questions of Tannehill before the injury, he has never quite proven himself to be a franchise quarterback. It will be interesting to see if Adam Gase fully opens the playbook for Tannehill this year. He doesn’t have the strongest or most accurate arm, but he is an above-average game manager capable of leading this Dolphins team to the postseason.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 18-14

26) Case Keenum – Denver Broncos


2017 Stats: 325-for-481 (67.6%), 3,547 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, seven interceptions

After chipping away with mediocre quarterbacks since 2014, Denver’s general manager, John Elway, said enough was enough… and added another mediocre quarterback. To be fair to Case Keenum, he was rather impressive last season with the Vikings, proving many of his haters wrong after leading the Vikings to an 11-3 record in games that he started last year. However, could he have been a product of an extremely efficient offence, loaded with weapons? Maybe. He’ll be playing with a subpar one this year. It’s a big year for Keenum to prove himself.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 19-13

25) Sam Darnold – New York Jets


2017 Stats: DNP

FINALLY. Sam Darnold is in the NFL, let’s go. For me, his prototypical size, tools, and upside separate him from the other quarterback’s that I have seen, coming into the draft. Darnold has good arm strength, can be extremely accurate and is mobile in the pocket. He is already capable of reading defences and exploiting weaknesses. Darnold will take what the defence gives him. He scans the full field and eyes don’t get bogged down on a single target and he does not fear a single throw. He Trusts his arm and placement and is naturally accurate with tight spirals. Can you tell that I’m excited to see him play?

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 19-9 (7 fumbles)

24) Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals


2017 Stats: 297-for-496 (59.9%), 3,320 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, 12 interceptions

The guys from the Around the NFL podcast absolutely nailed it with, ‘The Dalton Scale’. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the scale basically suggests that any quarterback who is better than Dalton, can be classed as a quality starting quarterback. Whilst any quarterback below, can’t be seen as one. Dalton possesses average athleticism, and pocket awareness. With A.J. Green, John Ross III, Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard and Tyler Eifert to throw to, his stats should certainly be more impressive and always look inflated.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 24-10

23) Tyrod Taylor – Cleveland Browns


2017 Stats: 263-for-420 (62.6%), 2,799 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, four interceptions

I’m excited to see Tyrod Taylor in this offence. As a dual-threat quarterback who has long been considered more dangerous as a runner than a passer, Tyrod continues to prove he can make pick defences apart with his arm. He rarely turns the ball over and makes the smart play, similar to Alex Smith. This year, he serves as a bit of a placeholder for No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield, but he’ll more than likely keep Baker off the field all year… unless they start 0-6.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 20-8

22) Sam Bradford – Arizona Cardinals


2017 Stats: 32-for-43 (74.4%), 382 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions

With Carson Palmer announcing his retirement, the Cardinals picked up Sam Bradford, who spent the majority of 2017 on the sidelines. He’s an extremely efficient thrower and can spray the ball to every spot on the field, when giving protection. If Bradford can stay healthy for all 16 games, he could prove to be a top echelon quarterback. But the best ability is availability, and Sam is one hit away from four weeks on the sideline and losing his place to the best pure passer in the draft, Josh Rosen.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 22-11

21) Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams


2017 Stats: 296-for-477 (62.1%), 3,804 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, 7 interceptions

I’m still not sure about Jared Goff, I can’t get over that rookie season. I thought he was going to be Ryan Leaf 2.0. New head coach Sean Mcvay put Goff in situations where he could get the ball out quickly and let his playmakers do their thing, and boy, did they. Goff doesn’t have a strong arm, but he is pretty accurate on medium to short throws which Mcvay takes advantage of. With Brandin Cooks added to the squad, who can get open quickly, I expect him to have another strong year.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 27-11

20) Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers


2017 Stats: 282-for-442 (63.8%), 3,504 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, 11 interceptions

Jameis Winston has taken so many L’s over the past two years – including that ‘Let’s eat a W’ speech, what on earth was that about by the way?! But I digress, he has taken so many L’s recently, and I fear he’ll take several more this season with the Bucs. After an impressive first two seasons, Jameis took a step back last year. He has all the tools, but he has too many head-scratching moments and puts his team in tough situations. Time is on his side, but he’ll struggle this year.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 21-14

19) Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans


2017 Stats: 281-for-453 (62.0%), 3,232 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, 15 interceptions

You know what is underrated – how bad Marcus Mariota was last season. I read an article which said he was efficient and conservative… don’t try talk efficiency if he throws more interceptions than touchdowns. Like Winston, Mariota has all the tools, but has yet too really but it together and have a ‘break out’ year. Mariota has some nice weapons to throw to this year, and needs to prove that he is worth the max deal which he will likely receive.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 19-10

18) Patrick Mahomes II – Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes

2017 Stats: 22-for-35 (62.9%), 284 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception

This might be seen as a ‘hot take’ – but I’m all in on Patrick Mahomes. Is he going to make mistakes? Sure. Is he going to turnover prone? Probably. Is he going to get the best out of the Chiefs weapons? Absolutely! Whilst it may take time to settle into this offence, Patrick Mahomes has all the tools to be a top 10 quarterback this season. The Chiefs traded away Alex Smith this past offseason, clearing the way for Mahomes to add some life to a stagnant Kansas City franchise. He’s a gunslinger and as we have seen in pre-season, he’s make Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce even more dangerous.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 23-10

17) Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders


2017 Stats: 323-for-515 (62.7%), 3,496 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

I, like many others, was all in on Derek Carr a few years back, but he has been disappointing since returning from injury. After an MVP-calibre 2016 campaign, Carr struggled to find similar success last season. Expectations are currently at a low, after the Raiders traded Khalil Mack for a pair of first-rounders. But Jon Gruden is known as a quarterback guru, and may need to work his magic this year. Carr has a huge arm and usually makes smart decisions with the football. This is an interesting year for him, as he flirts towards falling closer to ‘The Dalton Scale’.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 22-14

16) Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys


2017 Stats: 308-for-490 (62.9%), 3,324 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

After a ridiculously impressive rookie campaign, Dak Prescott came down to earth last year. Although his QBR was still impressive, his numbers dropped across the board and Dallas underachieved last campaign. With Dez Bryant and Jason Witten gone, Dak does not have a number one target – this may suit him. He’s at his best when on the move and throwing to the guys who get separation, rather than forcing the ball to #88 on third down. His pocket presence, ability to extend plays with his legs, and strong arm make him an above-average quarterback in my eyes.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 24-14

15) Alex Smith – Washington Redskins

A SMith

2017 Stats: 341-for-505 (67.5%), 4,042 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 5 interceptions

The general consensus around Washington is that they improved at quarterback, as you can probably tell from my rankings, I disagree. After franchise tagging Kirk Cousins the past two years and looking poised to make him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history, Washington acquired Smith and signed him up for the next four years. While he could never get over the hump in Kansas City, Washington is banking on Smith being dynamic enough to take them to the promise land… good luck with that. Smith is an extremely smart and dynamic quarterback, but doesn’t have the arm talent to push the ball downfield – a big reason why his post-season record is so poor.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 21-9

14) Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers


2017 Stats: 120-for-178 (67.4%), 1,560 passing yards, 7 touchdowns, 5 interceptions

Few teams are entering the 2018 season more excited about the team’s future than the San Francisco 49ers. Although it’s a small sample size, Garoppolo was rather impressive, carrying a 1-10 team to five straight victories to finish 2017 with a 6-10 record. Showing great pocket presence, good, but not great, arm strength and a high football IQ. However, it remains to be seen how Garoppolo performs in 2018 after defensive coordinators have an entire offseason to game-plan against him – ever heard of the second year syndrome? Either way, the Patriots must be kicking themselves right now for only getting a second-rounder for him.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 27-13

13) Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans


2017 Stats: 26-for-204 (61.8%), 1,699 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, 8 interceptions

Deshaun Watson has to be the most exciting quarterback to watch right now, right? After taking over the reign when the Texans realised that Tom Savage stinks, Watson was absolutely unbelievable in his rookie year, throwing 19 touchdowns and rushing for two more in a total of seven games. An unfortunate ACL injury forced him to miss the rest of the season, but he’s back now and looks ready to take over. Although, that Texans offensive line won’t give him much help… yikes.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 28-12

12) Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings


2017 Stats: 347-for-540 (64.3%), 4,093 passing yards, 27 touchdowns, 13 interceptions

Kirk Cousins has been incredibly effective over the past three seasons with the Redskins. For whatever reason, they decided it was time to move on from him. Maybe, if the Skins actually had a competent defence, and any sort of running game whatsoever, he could have taken them further. But anyway, the Vikings brought out the brink tuck to secure Kirk this summer. Their offence is ready to go, losing none of their key players from last year and getting a healthy Dalvin Cook back. Cousins is a clear upgrade over Case Keenum. In his career so far, he has shown his arm strength is up there, he’s a good decision maker and is incredibly accurate. YOU LIKE THAT?!

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 30-11

11) Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts

2017 Stats: DNP

The Colts have had a few rough years without a fully healthy Andrew Luck. Scott Tolzien lasted about 15 seconds, Jacoby Brissett was competent, but he’s just not the former Stanford signal-caller. Luck’s mysterious shoulder injury is still worrying, we really have no idea how healthy he is, and what his body will be able to take. When he’s right, Luck is one of the best in the game. He doesn’t have many weaknesses – he has a strong arm, is capable of making every throw, and an extremely high football IQ. I’ll always remember Tom Brady saying on Luck, “I wish I could do some of the things Andrew Luck can do. He’s an absolutely unbelievable talent.” Fingers crossed, Indy fans.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 25-10

10) Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers


2017 Stats: 291-for-492 (59.1%), 3,302 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 16 interceptions

After a truly remarkable 2015 season in which Cam Newton won the MVP award, led Carolina to a 15-1 regular season, and a Super Bowl loss, he has now suffered two below-par years. It’s hard to dislike Cam, he’s one hell of a character. If you haven’t seen the Clay Mattews play from last season – please go watch it right now. Cam still has the talent to be the best player on the field at any given time, but he struggles to show it consistently, and that has really been the story of his career. From the pocket, Cam is capable of making all the throws and can scramble out whenever he likes to pick up yards with his legs. Under new offensive coordinator, it will be interesting to see how the Panthers offence looks, and how Cam adapts his game.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 26-16

9) Philip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers

P River

2017 Stats: 360-for-575 (62.6%), 4,515 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, 10 interceptions

The most underrated quarterback of this era, Philip Rivers continues to impress now into his late 30’s. His throwing action is ugly, but it’s always effective as he closes on the top of the passing yards list, despite throwing to receivers who you probably can’t name. He is without question one of the best pocket passers in the league. He’ll miss tight end Hunter Henry this year, the two could have easily linked up for 10+ touchdowns. Expect Keenan Allen to get his targets. I like this Chargers team to go all the way to the Super Bowl.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 30-13

8) Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles


2017 Stats: 265-for-440 (60.2%), 3,296 passing yards, 33 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 64 carries, 299 rushing yards

Let’s just hold on a second. People are really ranking Carson Wentz in the top five? After just one second? The disrespect! Let me preface my comments by saying that Wentz was absolutely unbelievable last season, and he looked like the real deal. He has great stature, combines tremendous elusivity, with great arm strength and decision-making. Should he return to himself, he will likely be one of the top five quarterbacks of the future, but he has to show this in more than just 12 games. Defensive coordinators will have studied his type and will execute their game-plan to attack his weaknesses. Let’s see how he adjusts to this in his second season before handing him over the crown. It has been announced that Nick Foles will start on Thursday against the Falcons, his current injury status seems to be up in the air.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 27-12

7) Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan

2017 Stats: 342-for-529 (64.7%), 4,095 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions

I always saw Matt Ryan as just ahead of ‘The Dalton Scale’, until 2016. He has always had the talent to be elite, and finally put it all together in 2016, under offensive coordinator, and now 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. Leading the extremely dynamic Falcons offense, statistically the 8th most efficient of all-time, Ryan posted career highs in yards, completion percentage, touchdowns and QBR. Unfortunately for Falcons fans, Ryan reverted back to his 2008-2015 form in 2017. Some say that Steve Sarkisian’s questionable system is partly to blame, so we’ll see how he looks this year as the playbook opens up. Ryan has accuracy in short to medium throw, and has a pretty big arm. He also has Julio Jones. That helps.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 25-9

6) Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben

2017 Stats: 360-for-561 (64.2%), 4,251 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, 14 interceptions

Big Ben Roethlisberger continues to be disrespected throughout the media. For the past few years, the narrative coming into the season, is that will THIS BE THE YEAR that he falls off a cliff. But all he does is show up, and show out, at a high level. After hinting at retirement before the 2017 season. He is one of the best pocket passers that I have ever seen, in any era, and he will quarterback a ridiculously loaded Steelers offence. Even with Le’Veon Bell holding out, the Steelers will have no problem moving the football. They now have the most dominant offensive line in football, and with Antonio Brown and Juju by his side, he has a tremendous opportunity to add a third Super Bowl title to his resume. Don’t sleep on James Conner, too.

2018 Predicted Stats (TD-INT): 29-12

5) Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions


2017 Stats: 371-for-565 (65.7%), 4,446 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, 10 interceptions

To the surprise of many, Stafford’s 2016 season – his first without future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson – ended up being his most prolific. Then, after inking a deal in the 2017 offseason to make him the highest paid quarterback in football, he was even better. Posting a career-high 99.3 Passer Rating, Stafford routinely put his team in a position to win. Stafford’s ability to complete short and intermediate throws acts as Detroit’s pseudo-ground game. If the Lions can figure out a way to generate any semblance of a rushing attack to take pressure off Stafford in 2018, they will be a playoff squad. I feel like the Lions have a sneaky, great receiving corp this year.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 31-11

4) Tom Brady – New England Patriots


2017 Stats: 385-for-581 (66.3%), 4,577 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, 8 interceptions

You have to take your hat off to Tom Brady, he’s the freaking GOAT and the discussion is over. But, at the age of 41, with virtually no wide receivers and a pretty poor offensive line, this could be his last. I don’t feel that great about the Patriots this year. But, I would never count out Tom. Although he’s at the quarterback of a ridiculously well-oiled machine, only one man in NFL history can make the throws that he can… but we’ll get to him a little later. Brady can still push the ball down field and has excellent touch on his teardrop passes, which will either get caught for a big completion, or draw a DPI. If he gets the Patriots to 11 wins, he has to be MVP.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 27-9

3) Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

2017 Stats: 339-for-553 (61.3%), 3,983 passing yards, 34 touchdowns, 11 interceptions

If he had an offensive line, a running game and a pass-rush then he would have been the runaway MVP last year. Whilst the Seahawks may not have much of a defence this year – although keeping Earl Thomas helps – Russell Wilson could be a set for one of his best years of his career. His ability to avoid pressure, turning potential sacks into 20-yard gainers is just ridiculous at times. He has underrated arm talent, is an excellent decision-maker and is one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the league. Last season, he set a new NFL record of 16 touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Doug Baldwin stated that he’ll likely be dealing with an injury all year and the loss of Jimmy Graham will hurt, but with an improved offensive-line and a competent running game, Wilson could very well be in the MVP conversation once again. No quarterback has more wins in their first six seasons than Russell Wilson.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 33-8

2) Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints


2017 Stats: 386-for-536 (72.0%), 4,334 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, 8 interceptions

Nothing seems to be slowing Drew Brees down, and I don’t expect anything to change this year. In fact, he’ll probably be quarterbacking the most explosive offence in the NFL. Although approaching 40, he hasn’t missed more than one game in a season since 2003, and has thrown at least 23 touchdown passes every year since then. He is an expert at making the most of whatever receiving corps he has, and now, he has Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. In 2017, Brees posted the highest completion percentage (72.0!!!) for a single season in NFL history, and continues to solidify his case for his inevitable spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 29-11

1) Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers


2017 Stats: 154-for-238 (64.7%), 1,675 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, 6 interceptions

Tom Brady is the greatest of all-time, for what he has achieved in the sport, but he’s not better than this man. And if we’re talking about right now, it’s not even close. Aaron Rodgers can make all the throws and with outrageous accuracy. His football IQ is absurd, watch how he scans the defensive formations and knows the correct audible to find a mismatch which he will take advantage of. Jimmy Graham will annoy the heck out of him, put me in pads and I’ll do a better job of blocking, but he’ll be a very dangerous red-zone target, expect him to see a lot of targets, potentially hurting Davante Adams fantasy stock. If Rodgers can stay on the field, with a Packers defence that looks to be improved, how can you count them out of Super Bowl contention?

Predicted 2018 Stats (TD-INT): 31-7

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